OHCS conducted a consultative meeting on IGA at the Ivy Hotel in Bishoftu City.

Consultative meeting About the Income generating activity (IGA)

In recent news, there has been a series of extensive discussions held at the IVY Hotel in Bishoftu, Ethiopia over the past three days. The discussions gathered individuals such as DR-TB Survivors, representatives from REACH Ethiopia, entrepreneurs, owners of poultry farms, and other guests. The primary focus of these deliberations centered around income-generating activities for DR-TB patients and survivors.

During the forum, participants presented and discussed various income-generating business plans, seeking viable solutions to support DR-TB patients and survivors financially. Additionally, a field visit was organized, enabling attendees to gain practical insights into potential income-generating ventures.

The event was orchestrated in collaboration with Reach Ethiopia under the TB REACH WAVE-9 project, with the Office of the Health Care Sector (OHCS) actively involved in finalizing preparations for its implementation. Following a majority vote, the decision was made to prepare semi-food products for market entry. In line with this resolution, the organization will be named “Rediet Baltina and Food Preparation.”

The unanimous consensus reached by the participants underlines the importance of ensuring that individuals suffering from DR-TB do not face additional hardships due to economic constraints. By addressing these concerns and striving for sustainable income opportunities, this initiative aims to alleviate economic burdens for DR-TB patients and survivors, fostering a better quality of life for those affected.

February 25/ 2022